Ridgeline Trails in Arkansas


Shelly Gillaspie,   Texas
Thank you for having us.  We really enjoyed the trail system and the peace and quiet the area offers.  Absolutely beautiful out there.  I will post some pictures once I download them from the camera.  We enjoyed this spot better than Wolf Pen Gap.  Again thank you.2

Bryan Vest,   Oklahoma
We just returned from the Ridgeline Trails adventure.  Rick has done a fantastic job of creating an outdoor wilderness experience unlike many other 4-wheeling or hiking locations.  I think a total of 3 vehicles drove by our camp the two days we were there.  Good roads into where we camped.  Rick is VERY accommodating and has spent many years working on his mountain. The first video on my channel is Ridgeline Trails.

Enjoy the Video!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdqoJI_qQkI32





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