Ridgeline Trails in Arkansas

Ridgeline Trail-Users' Rates

  • Rates subject to change -- Specials occasionally offered.
  • RLT -- for convenience -- often abbreviates Ridgeline Trails.
  • 24-Hour Rates Following are for EXCLUSIVE occupancy of RLT Park.
  • EXCLUSIVE means no other PARTY will occupy RLT while you are there.
  • PARTY means all in the reservation of whomever books RLT.
  • For multi-day users of trails, a 17 foot tent, with bunk for three and fire ring is provided at no charge.


  • Hiking $10.00           ●   Bicycle $15.00
  • ATV $25.00       ●   Side-by-Side $25.00       ●   Equestrian $25.00


Ridgeline Campers Only -- Non-Trail-Users'  Rates

  • 24-Hour Rates Following are for parties who do not book use of trails.
  • No RV hookups.  Beyond power grid.  Have creek beside parking-camping sites.
  • Tent Site $25.00
  • RV or Camping-Trailer Site $50.00
  • Use of RLT Tent with bunk for three and fire ring $75.00


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